Juniper and red rocks

Juniper, Cypress, red rocks and amazing blue sky.  Sedona, Arizona.

I’m not used to photographing such vibrant primary colours in nature – it doesn’t happen very often in Scotland anyway!  I find this landscape very amazing, its like walking through a giant well-tended garden, there aren’t any weeds anywhere – well, apart from giant prickly pear cacti which lurk at the edge of the paths ready to give an instant acupuncture treatment.

More on ‘Living in the Heart’:  The actual step of shifting your consciousness from brain down to the heart is relatively easy, but old emotions and past hurt will stop you.  You have to feel these fully in order to move on; in fact to move on spiritually, it is essential to work though and clear old stored emotions in the body. This can be daunting work, but you are always up to the challenge.

“Once you have experienced and released blocked emotion from the past, a greater flow of energy and vitality will enrich your life.  It is important to learn to be in touch with your feelings as they arise:  in this way, they can continue to move through and your channel will remain clear.”

– Shakti Gawain, ‘Living in the Light’

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