Frost Needles

Frost needles on birch twig As I write this we have an inch of fluffy snow, on top of a layer of ice.  There was one morning during the week when we had sunshine and a crisp blue sky, with these needles of ice sprouting from every blade of grass and twig.  After an hour […]

Craigellachie Birch

Golden Birch, Craigellachie woods, Aviemore When the sunshine comes through the autumn birch,  Craigellachie birchwood turns to gold.  Its just a beautiful place and a lovely wee walk. As somebody who is very energetically sensitive, I have come to realise (through the school of hard learning) that I constantly pick up not only on the […]

Flooded Reflections

Early autumn reflections, River Spey, Aviemore One from earlier this evening – its been a week of wind and rain, and as it reached towards the end of another dull day, I determined to get out and enjoy some of it, hoping for the evening sun to break through.  It did  for just a few […]

Juniper and red rocks

Juniper, Cypress, red rocks and amazing blue sky.  Sedona, Arizona. I’m not used to photographing such vibrant primary colours in nature – it doesn’t happen very often in Scotland anyway!  I find this landscape very amazing, its like walking through a giant well-tended garden, there aren’t any weeds anywhere – well, apart from giant prickly […]

Orange Lily

Lily Colour Therapy In lieu of summer sunshine, here’s the glowing colour of some lily detail, with added raindrop… “Life and living according to the tribe is in movement, advancement, and change.  They spoke about alive and nonalive time.  People are nonliving when angry, depressed, feeling sorry for themselves, or filled with fear.  Breathing doesn’t […]