Orange Lily

Lily Colour Therapy

In lieu of summer sunshine, here’s the glowing colour of some lily detail, with added raindrop…

“Life and living according to the tribe is in movement, advancement, and change.  They spoke about alive and nonalive time.  People are nonliving when angry, depressed, feeling sorry for themselves, or filled with fear.  Breathing doesn’t determine being alive, it just tells others which body is ready for burial or not!

Not all breathing people are in a state of aliveness.  It’s okay to try out negative emotions and see how they feel, but it certainly isn’t a place one would wisely want to stay.

When the soul is in human form you get to play — to see how it feels to be happy or sad, jealous or grateful, and so on.  But you are supposed to learn from the experience and ultimately figure out which feels painful and which feels great.”

– Marlo Morgan, Mutant Message down Under.

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