Red rocks sunset

Sunset on the red rocks of Sedona, Arizona

Yes, I have been somewhere for the last two weeks… and currently rather jetlagged!  I’ll write more on my week of meditation with Drunvalo later after I have digested more of the experience.  For now  its all about moving your  conciousness from the brain, which sees everything as polarised, to the heart, which experiences from Unity conciousness.  A radical shift for most of us in the modern world, yet this is also a very traditional way of experiencing amongst many traditional cultures.  As enough of us start to experience reality this way then I truly believe it will be possible to create the loving society that (in our hearts!) we all desire and dream of.

If someone says to you,
“In the fortified city of the imperishable,
our body, there is a lotus
and in this lotus a tiny space:
what does it contain that one
should desire to know it?”

You must reply:
“As vast as this space without
is the tiny space within your heart:
heaven and earth are found in it,
fire and air, sun and moon,
lightening and the constellations,
whatever belongs to you here below
and all that doesn’t,
all this is gathered in that tiny space
within your heart.”

– Chandogya Upanishad 8.1.2-3

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