West Fork Creek

West Fork Canyon, Sedona, Arizona

A hike for a few miles up the narrow, winding, West Fork canyon, with the trail criss-crossing over the stream many times.  This was a very ‘Scottish’ day, with heavy rain followed by hailstones and a cold breeze – so much for Arizona sunshine!

“Recent surveys have revealed that as many as one in every two of us has had an involuntary paranormal experience at some point in our lives – one that has carried us across some unknown inner threshold into the more expanded realms of consciousness.

As we awaken, our life experiences can begin to manifest themselves as an upward quest that leads us inevitably into direct experience of the spiritual realms.  Those who have already achieved this know that this journey becomes possible for us only though the doorway of the heart.

It is through this gateless gate that we, as individuals, can personally experience connection with unlimited power and a godlike mind.  We know then, with absolute certainty, that no holy words or books, no secret ceremonies and rituals, no spiritual leaders or gurus or faiths can do this for us.”

– Hank Wesselman, ‘the Journey to the Sacred Garden’

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