autmn beech, rothiemurchus, cairngorms national park

Autumn Beech

Autumn Beech wood, Rothiemurchus Autumn has been late this year, and its stayed warmer longer than usual.  In this last week the Highland woods have been glowing against deep blue skies with beautiful days of sunshine. Pheasants squawked and scattered as I wandered, and I could see Roe deer down in the marshy area by […]

Bee on Dahlia

Dahlia Bee

Dahlia Bee This particular bee was either asleep, drunk on nectar, or just taking a nap, as it stayed on the flower for over 2 hours, giving the occasional lackadaisical wave of its antennae.  Even with the bee at rest it wasn’t an easy photograph – the flowers have very long stems and wave around […]

Poppy Raindrops

Poppy Raindrops

Raindrops on poppy One from the garden this week, to illustrate summer in Scotland.  Its bright and sunny, then as the towering cumulo-nimbus pass, the temperature drops about 10 degrees and the downpour… pours. I love the richness of colour in this, though, with the brightness of the water droplets. I’m very aware of, and […]

Red Tulip, Spring


Tulip ‘filled’ with early morning light. I loved how the early light filled the cup of the tulip giving an effect like stained glass.  Sunshine mornings seem to be a bit of a rarity recently!  Nonetheless, spring is definitely here with these rich colours to feed us. “Many of us spend our whole lives running […]

West Fork Creek

West Fork Canyon, Sedona, Arizona A hike for a few miles up the narrow, winding, West Fork canyon, with the trail criss-crossing over the stream many times.  This was a very ‘Scottish’ day, with heavy rain followed by hailstones and a cold breeze – so much for Arizona sunshine! “Recent surveys have revealed that as […]

Juniper and red rocks

Juniper, Cypress, red rocks and amazing blue sky.  Sedona, Arizona. I’m not used to photographing such vibrant primary colours in nature – it doesn’t happen very often in Scotland anyway!  I find this landscape very amazing, its like walking through a giant well-tended garden, there aren’t any weeds anywhere – well, apart from giant prickly […]

Red rocks sunset

Sunset on the red rocks of Sedona, Arizona Yes, I have been somewhere for the last two weeks… and currently rather jetlagged!  I’ll write more on my week of meditation with Drunvalo later after I have digested more of the experience.  For now  its all about moving your  conciousness from the brain, which sees everything […]


Tulips Scotland has been amazing this week – with hot clear days and cold nights.  I loved the intensity of light coming through these tulips in the garden, lots of magic in there! “Only from the heart Can you touch the sky” – Rumi

Red Poppy

Catching the early sunshine in the garden one morning – with the wind catching them these poppies barely last a few hours.  I loved the translucence with the sun shining through the poppy. “Your emotions are jewels that each have its own lesson to impart, and when dealt with, their teachings will reveal the beliefs […]

Acer Leaves

Fresh young Acer leaves All is still well in the garden… although many things are still really slow growing, after the cold may we had.  I love how delicate these young maple leaves are. “The key is that the energy connecting everything in the Universe is also part of what it connects! Rather than thinking […]


All is well in the garden… Well, the peonies are flowering beautifully anyway! Captured here against a sparkly silver-leafed little number. “When you examine the lives of the most influential people who have ever walked among us, you discover one thread that winds through them all. They have been aligned first with their spiritual nature and […]


Peony Blossom ‘When I was a student, my first meditation teacher gave me some practical advice.  He began by asking me the first thing I did after getting up in the morning. “I go to the bathroom,” I said. “Good,” he said. “Now, every morning, I want you to look in that mirror and smile […]