Lily Loch reflections

Lily Loch

Evening reflections at the Lily Loch Inspirational Image has been a bit quiet recently – three weeks seem to have gone by in the space of one! A summer evening at one of my favourite places, Lochan Mor in Rothiemurchus, otherwise known as the Lily Loch.  Regular readers may notice that the loch and its […]

waterlily, lochan mor

Water Lily

Water Lily, Lochan Mor, Strathspey Water Lilies grow in around 1 metre depth which, since I don’t have a high telephoto lens, necessitates getting wet to get closer to them, a potentially risky business whilst holding an expensive camera, ignoring the midges, and hoping not to slip…  Its also hard to stay in focus as […]

Sun through grass raindrops


Midsummer evening sun through meadow raindrops. This image seems to sum up the last week for me – we’ve had day after day of humid, rainy, grey days, but within that some intense sunny spells too.  We have so many hours of daylight at midsummer, but with the constant grey cloud it can be quite […]


Water-lily, Lochan Mor, Rothiemurchus, Aviemore Its the start of the water-lily season at Lochan Mor (otherwise known locally as ‘The Lily Loch’)  as the loch becomes surfaced with lily-pads and white blossom (and if you’re quick, a whizz of  bright blue, yellow, and green dragonflies).  As we approach midsummer we have such incredible light evenings […]

Meadow Grasses

Meadow flowers and grasses. At the water’s edge at the Lily Loch, the water sparkling though the grasses.  Its been another October-ish week for us, but with some brighter days.  For 5 minutes today it even felt like August! Every time you grow, you change.  In most people, each change brings out resistance.  There is […]


At Lochan Mor (otherwise known as The Lily Loch), Rothiemurchus, Strathspey. The water lilies are out again – it seems a little early.  Once again the photographer  ventured in as far as he could – water and fancy lenses don’t mix too well!  The lilies like to be in about 1 metre deep. Photographically speaking, […]

Water Lilies

Water Lilies, Lochan Mor, Strathspey. Another week of dull light, rain, and humidity.  However on the one good afternoon I took myself up to the Lily loch for another go at getting close to the lilies – I went as deep as I dared whilst holding an expensive camera! I love the geometric star shape […]


Water Lily, Lochan Mor. Its been a hot, hot week, feeling very humid.  It stayed dry though all week, until about 5 minutes after this photo this morning, when the clouds opened…  I waded in well over the knees to get photograph the water lilies… dedication to the task! Although there is a botanical distinction, […]