Meadow Grasses

Meadow flowers and grasses.

At the water’s edge at the Lily Loch, the water sparkling though the grasses.  Its been another October-ish week for us, but with some brighter days.  For 5 minutes today it even felt like August!

Every time you grow, you change.  In most people, each change brings out resistance.  There is a story of the man who was fed up with carrying his cross around.  He went to a store which had many different crosses in stock, and offered his cross in exchange.

“That’s okay”, said the shopkeeper, “Just look around and select a new one.”  He walked around and tried many crosses.  one pressed here, another pressed there, one was too heavy, the next too thin, the third too worn, the fourth too new.  After a long search he finally found a cross that was tailor-made.  Glowing, he went to the shopkeeper.

“I’ll take this one”, he said happily.

The shopkeeper agreed, nodding his head.  “This is the cross you came in with…”

– Dr Ulla Sebastian in ‘Growing through Joy’.

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