Water Lilies

Water Lilies, Lochan Mor, Strathspey.

Another week of dull light, rain, and humidity.  However on the one good afternoon I took myself up to the Lily loch for another go at getting close to the lilies – I went as deep as I dared whilst holding an expensive camera!

I love the geometric star shape formed with the reflection.

“Planning is invaluable but plans are useless”

– Winston Churchill

This ties in for me with the Buddhist idea of “non-attachment to outcome”.  We should remain flexible to changing circumstances and to new information, especially in today’s fast-changing world.  Hold a clear intention, and let go of the outcome.

” Don’t get trapped by pessimism concerning human nature that is not balanced by an optimism concerning divine nature, or you will overlook the cure of grace.”

– Martin Luther King

“Let your heart’s love infuse your work and you cannot fail, though your dreams may manifest in ways different from what you imagine.”

Adapted from: ‘Rules of the Road’ 13 Principles of Spiritual Activism.

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