Lily Loch

Lily Loch reflections

Evening reflections at the Lily Loch

Inspirational Image has been a bit quiet recently – three weeks seem to have gone by in the space of one!

A summer evening at one of my favourite places, Lochan Mor in Rothiemurchus, otherwise known as the Lily Loch.  Regular readers may notice that the loch and its waterlilies have featured before… its such a beautiful place.  Although it can be a popular walk, the surrounding Caledonian forest seems to absorb people well.


On this evening the water was exceptionally calm, the only ripples coming from the wading photographer attempting to get closer to the flowers (and it was surprisingly warm!).   I love the geometry of these, especially with the reflection against the dark peaty water, and the graphic elements from the underwater stems.

This week, I’m really enjoying Cyndi Dale’s writing, and energetic strategies in life:

“People who are cranky internally are going to be grumpy externally.  We can’t be sweet or affectionate or acquiescent just because we want someone to be the same in return.We have to be ourselves because it feels good to be just that.  The authentic lifestyle demands that we draw the line between self and others and decide to be around people that can treat us in the way we deserve to be treated.  In other words, authenticity begins with self-responsibility delivered with a detachment from expectations.”

– Cyndi Dale, ‘Everyday Clairvoyant’ 

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One thought on “Lily Loch

  1. Welcome back Neil. I’ve missed receiving your beautiful images and inspiring quotes. I love the image of the single lilly. Even though there is muck and mud below, above all is still and tranquil. A great analogy for life. Despite life’s challenges, many of us seek to find a peaceful place from which to live. Then may we open and blossom to our full potential. 🙂

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