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Lily Loch reflections

Lily Loch

Evening reflections at the Lily Loch Inspirational Image has been a bit quiet recently – three weeks seem to have gone by in the space of one! A summer evening at one of my favourite places, Lochan Mor in Rothiemurchus, otherwise known as the Lily Loch.  Regular readers may notice that the loch and its […]

White Crocus

White Crocus

Crocus flower Its spring, we’re just past the equinox, the sun is warm (if you’re in the shelter away from the biting wind!) and its time for a crocus image.  These wee flowers are so cheery after a long Scottish winter 🙂 I watched the Channel 4 documentary programme ‘Live from Space‘ – broadcast live […]

waterlily, lochan mor

Water Lily

Water Lily, Lochan Mor, Strathspey Water Lilies grow in around 1 metre depth which, since I don’t have a high telephoto lens, necessitates getting wet to get closer to them, a potentially risky business whilst holding an expensive camera, ignoring the midges, and hoping not to slip…  Its also hard to stay in focus as […]

Daisy opening

Daisy opening – A simple image from the garden this week. Schumann Waves Schumann waves were predicted by the great electrical genius, Nikola Tesla, in the late 19th century but not actually discovered until the 1950s.  They are described as the resonant frequency of the earth, in fact they are the result of the resonant […]

Wood Anenome

The chilly, cold May continues… but the anenomes carpet the Birch wood. Check out the new blog, inspirationalimage.co.uk, featuring all of my past images of the week. “As you come to recognise the power of your consciousness, that what is behind your eyes, so to speak, holds more power than what appears in front of […]

Monadliath Pine

Monadhliath  Pine A lonesome pine, above the main treeline, with the view of the Cairngorms from the Monadliath mountains, Strathspey.  High up on the hills on my skis, on a perfect surface of hoar-frost crystals sparkling in the intense sunshine – a perfect winter’s day. “We are like islands in the sea, separate on the […]


At Lochan Mor (otherwise known as The Lily Loch), Rothiemurchus, Strathspey. The water lilies are out again – it seems a little early.  Once again the photographer  ventured in as far as he could – water and fancy lenses don’t mix too well!  The lilies like to be in about 1 metre deep. Photographically speaking, […]

Wood Anenomes

Evening wood anenomes A spot of magical evening light in the wood anenome wood. Thankfully today is back to sunny spring, after a few days of rain, hail, snow and violent wind.  Quite a few days of mad weather for us, maybe for you too?  Have you noticed how, at the full moon, the weather […]

Wood Anenome

Wooden Enemies The birch woods are full of them – a carpet of Wood Anenomes sparkling in marvellous spring sunshine.   The first birch leaves are almost out, giving the bronze winter birches a coppery effect. “Not Christian or Jew or Muslim, not Hindu, Buddhist, sufi, or zen. Not any religion or cultural system. I am […]


Snowdrop Snowdrops in my garden were in flower underneath all the snow over the last  week, but it wasn’t until today that (briefly) they had any sunshine on them.  For the gardeners amongst you, the Ground Elder has popped its first shoots,  full of life… “If you have arrived at the point were you can […]