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Daisy opening – A simple image from the garden this week.

Schumann Waves

Schumann waves were predicted by the great electrical genius, Nikola Tesla, in the late 19th century but not actually discovered until the 1950s.  They are described as the resonant frequency of the earth, in fact they are the result of the resonant frequency between the earth and the ionosphere.  Lightning strikes worldwide power this resonant space, producing waves at 7.8 – 8Hz which travel around the world.

“Investigation over decades of research measuring the brain waves of healers with an EEG, showed that during the healing moments the healer’s brain waves became both frequency and phase-synchronised with Schumann waves, whatever the faith or belief of the healer.

What healers call grounding into the earth is the action of linking up with the magnetic field of the earth, in frequency and phase. Once healers have linked up with the Schumann waves, the right and left hemispheres of the brain become balanced with each other and show approx 8Hz alpha rhythm.  The brain waves of the recipient also go into alpha, phase-synchronised with the brain of the healer as well as left-right balanced.  The healer has in effect linked the client with the earth’s magnetic field pulses and has thereby tapped into a tremendous energy source for healing.”

– Susan Joy Rennison, ‘Tuning the diamonds’

Intriguingly, research into ancient stone chambers across the UK, from Cornwall to Orkney, has shown that in the vast majority of monuments so far analysed, they all resonate to the Schumann frequency, suggesting that the original builders knew something and were deliberately building their monuments to access the Schumann waves.

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