Daisy opening

Daisy opening – A simple image from the garden this week. Schumann Waves Schumann waves were predicted by the great electrical genius, Nikola Tesla, in the late 19th century but not actually discovered until the 1950s.  They are described as the resonant frequency of the earth, in fact they are the result of the resonant […]

In the mist

In the mist…  Pine silhouettes Early afternoon, on skis in the Monadhliath near Aviemore.  I hoped that the mist would lift, as there was almost blue sky above, but as I approached the big pines the mist closed in further, giving me time for a few shots before they faded away… “The greatest healers who […]

Dreamy Woods

Sparkly woods, Craigellachie National Nature Reserve, Strathspey. I really like the dreamlike nature of this image in Black & White.  Today its raining, persistently, mist hanging around the trees.  This is from a few days back with the world seeming so fresh and clear in bright sunshine and a gentle breeze. “… healing has only […]