Dreamy Woods

Sparkly woods, Craigellachie National Nature Reserve, Strathspey.

I really like the dreamlike nature of this image in Black & White.  Today its raining, persistently, mist hanging around the trees.  This is from a few days back with the world seeming so fresh and clear in bright sunshine and a gentle breeze.

“… healing has only one source. Doctors can aid the body, but that does not mean the body will heal.  In fact, I am certain, there has never been a doctor anywhere, at any time, who ever healed anything.  Each person’s healer is within.

…(The tribe) believe how you feel emotionally about things is what really registers.  It is recorded in every cell of the body, in the core of your personality, in your mind, and in your eternal self.  It is the feeling you experience when you openly and lovingly give that registers.

The tribe believe that the physical body is the only means our higher level of eternal consciousness has to communicate with our personality consciousness.  Slowing down the body allows us to look around and analyse the really important wounds we need to mend: wounded relationships, gaping holes in our belief system, walled-up tumours of fear, eroding faith in our Creator, hardened emotions of unforgiveness, and so on.”

– ‘Mutant Message Down Under’, Marlo Morgan.

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