August Moon

August Moon

The moor in the late evening, the near-full moon glowing orange in the post-sunset, while the hills merge into an abstract haze.

Birch wood coming into leaf, Craigellachie national Nature Reserve, Scotland

Birch Leafings

Birch leaves – Its always a joy to see the transformation over a few days from coppery winter branches to the bright yellow-green of the new leaves.

Sunset Pine, Glen Einich

Sunset Pine

The sun sets behind the Monadhliath mountains in the distance, through the branches of a lonesome pine, high above the main treeline.

Clouds on Fire

Clouds on Fire

Evening on the Glen Einich track, as the setting sun lit up these clouds from behind for a few short minutes, turning them to fire.

Sun and snow on birch tree

Snow Trees

Birch – the tree of light. In the twilight there is a magical presence here, at any time of the year, but it seems amplified with snow underfoot reflecting the pink sky.

Birch tresses in winter light

Birch Tracery

Coppery tresses of birch streaming in the wind. The heavy frost which had built up over several days was thawing as a warmer breeze came in, making the birch glisten in the sun.

strathspey golden hour glow at sunset

Golden Hour

Sunset glow across Strathspey – the clouds cleared and the setting sun streamed across the land, turning the autumn colours to gold.