In the Birch wood

Sun and shadows in Birch

Taken yesterday in the Birch wood, as occasional glimpses of sunshine shone through the wood.  It was one of those days (so beloved by Scottish photographers…) where by the time one has whipped out the camera, the light has gone again with the sun behind clouds, and you wait ten minutes hoping it will appear again…  I’m loving the sparkly fresh green in this, though.

“In instrumental music, timing is everything.  So it is with the natural world: The day is split up into temporal segments.  It begins with the entire cycle of the day and night.  Within that is embedded the dawn chorus, the daytime chorus, the evening and night choruses. And within those are the spaced utterances of birds, mammals, and frogs.  An even finer resolution would be the twelve or so vibrations every second of a single cricket’s chirp.  In the healthiest of habitats, all of these sounds coalesce in an elegant web of organised signals that are full of information about each organism’s relationship to the whole.  From this ensemble comes the music of nature.”

– Bernie Krause, ‘The Great Animal Orchestra’

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