Giant Guardians, Findhorn Gorge

Forest Guardians

From a sparkling day in early summer when all the leaves are fresh and brand new. These two giant-sized fir stand guard near the banks of the Findhorn Gorge and have an amazing uplifting energy.

Craigellachie Birch

Blue and gold

Autumn Birch, Craigellachie A stunning autumn morning at Craigellachie lochan, one of my favourite places locally.   The lochan is definitely a morning place – at this time of year the sun sets behind the crag by late morning throwing the wood into shade.  There was just one morning recently when we had early sun, so […]

Giant Sequioa, Dawyck Botanic Garden, Scottish Borders

Dawyck Redwoods

A grove of Giant Redwoods, Dawyck Botanic gardens in the Scottish Borders If you like trees, I can thoroughly recommend a visit to the Dawyck Botanic gardens, near Peebles, where 350 years of sustained interest and plant collecting from the cool temperate areas of the world are beautifully laid out.  Its a real contrast after […]

autumn mist and golden birch, craigellachie national nature reserve

Craigellachie Mist

Autumn colours on a misty morning, Craigellachie National Nature Reserve, Aviemore This was taken last year on a stunning autumn day of early mist clearing to crisp sunshine.  The woods are just as beautifully orange now, but so far there has been an absence of crisp mornings! I’m hoping we do get some good days […]

September morning mist, Craigellachie Birch wood

Beams of Light

Morning Mist, Craigellachie birch wood Most of September has been rather dreich, but thursday morning dawned with thick mist, and a slight frost early on.  I was hopeful that the mist would burn through and grabbed the camera.  Sure enough, a deep blue sky started showing through the mist, and I was able to take […]

strath dulnain woods black and white quadtone

Light in the woods

Light in the Strath Dulnain woods, Black & White quadtone I do like playing with the dreamy tones you can get in Black & White 🙂 Evening light coming low through the woods with added emphasis from the dramatic shape of the high wispy cloud.  The woods here are a surviving fragment of our original native […]

In the Birch wood

Sun and shadows in Birch Taken yesterday in the Birch wood, as occasional glimpses of sunshine shone through the wood.  It was one of those days (so beloved by Scottish photographers…) where by the time one has whipped out the camera, the light has gone again with the sun behind clouds, and you wait ten […]

Lilac woods

Lilac flowers in Perthshire woods The light was very dull on this late afternoon, but the lilac flowers covering the forest floor gave a lovely glow.  I’ve no idea what they are! “In shamanism, miraculous events are not only assumed but expected.  Science/logic assumes that the only reality is one that is predictable; anomolies are […]

The Forest Edge

Pine trees looming through thick mist and snow, Strathspey I took this a couple of years ago during a really hard winter spell.  It was hard work breaking trail on skis through deep fresh snow, up the trail to the forest edge.  I loved how the shapes of these big pines started to appear through […]

Copper and Gold

Copper and Gold Birch, Craigellachie, Aviemore The high winds of the last fortnight have stripped the leaves, many before they had even turned properly.  Yesterday the weather and my timing finally came together, with bursts of intense sunshine (and a few showers) illuminating the last of the leaves, with the silvery-copper branches shining through creating […]