Rose in a water drop

Rose refracted through a water drop

Yes, the rain has continued all week, but there were some bright spells too.  I have a lovely old-fashioned pink rose with a beautiful scent, which only flowers for a couple of weeks. I think its been holding off coming into blossom, waiting for summer…  This photo is definitely not the sharpest as the rain drop diffuses the light, but I just like this for the colour!

“Traditionally, religions tend to suggest that spiritual experience is rare and only for a special few, but here we are reversing that approach.  Modern spirituality, along with many mystical and shamanic traditions, reframes the idea and suggests that we are perpetually inside a spiritual experience and all that ever chanegs is whether or not we are conscious of it.  We are also, just because we exist, part of the wonder.”

– William Bloom, “The Power of Modern Spirituality”

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