In the Birch wood

Sun and shadows in Birch Taken yesterday in the Birch wood, as occasional glimpses of sunshine shone through the wood.  It was one of those days (so beloved by Scottish photographers…) where by the time one has whipped out the camera, the light has gone again with the sun behind clouds, and you wait ten […]

Evening Sparkle

The sparkle of the first leaves along the riverbank path, on a beautiful spring evening. In out-of-the-way places of the heart Where your thoughts never think to wander, This beginning has been quietly forming, Waiting until you were ready to emerge. For a long time it has watched your desire, Feeling the emptiness growing inside […]

Vibrant Rowan

After several days of rain, a day of sun and sparkle.  This pair of interleaving Rowan trees caught my attention with their vibrant light. The Rowan has been revered across Europe as a sacred tree since early times.   Its older name, Quicken-Tree, from the Anglo-Saxon cvic (life) indicates ‘Sharing out the blessings of life’. (Fred […]

Alder Wood

Playing with my new wide-angle lens 🙂 – this was the best I could do given the very dull conditions this week.  Yes, its August, but the cool, damp summer (?) continues… “Trees are our link between  earth and sky; symbolizing strength, protection and longevity, they are vital in maintaining the balance of climate and […]

Vibrant Fern

Vibrant Fern Spring in Scotland – several days of magical, vibrant intense colour, with blue skies and heat.  Followed by rain, wind and fresh snow on the hills.  Various ferns are bursting upwards in the woods, this one was sparkling and vibrant in the morning light. Mystics have told us for millennia that the world […]

Wood Anenomes

Evening wood anenomes A spot of magical evening light in the wood anenome wood. Thankfully today is back to sunny spring, after a few days of rain, hail, snow and violent wind.  Quite a few days of mad weather for us, maybe for you too?  Have you noticed how, at the full moon, the weather […]

Randolph’s Leap

Spring woods, Randolph’s Leap, River Findhorn I love the freshness and light in this image, the Beech leaves have an extra glow to them in spring! “The criteria for success: you are free, you live in the present moment, you are useful to the people around you, and you feel love for all humanity.” – […]


Larch Whorl. Warm days are here bringing some  sunshine.  The fresh larch needles emerging are really soft with a delicate feathery texture. ” If you can see your path laid out in front of you step by step, you know its not your path. Your own path you make with every step you take. That’s […]

Christmas Mushroom

Frozen mushroom in moss. In the woods this week – a decent frost on the leaves and mosses, when I spotted this bright mushroom, completely iced over after the previous night’s rain. Suitably “festive” colours? “In the traditional shamanic cultures, healing bears little relationship to the remission of physical symptoms.  It refers, rather, to becoming […]


What time is it? “When Hafiz plays his lute, My notes ascend into the air and form Infinite blue crystals That will move on the wind’s breath For hundreds of years As my sacred debris As the divine dust Rising as a gift from my Singing bones.” From “The Subject Tonight is Love, 60 Wild […]

Fern Unfolding

Fern uncoiling, banks of the River Spey,  Scotland. A week of sunshine, sudden heavy showers and sparkles.   The light through the trees was changing completely several times a second,  creating a constant kaleidoscope of colours and patterns.  I loved the soft feel created in this image. “Sunlight is the source of all growth. Many cultures […]