River Tromie

River Tromie, Strathspey

Summer arrived… for one stunning weekend. Well, until the storm broke anyway.  Yesterday was perfect for just sitting by the river, taking in the sun, seeing the intense shimmer through the vibrant greens of the trees, and keeping an eye on the massive thunderclouds building up over the mountains.  The Tromie is a short, fast-flowing river which tumbles down from the Cairngorm mountains through many rocky gorges.

“Feeling Gratitude for who we are, where we are, and what we have helps us break through our current level.  As a starting point, we remain open to the possibility that what is present in our current reality has come into existence because it can benefit us in some way.  Willingness to acknowledge this is essential to activate the state of Gratitude.  It’s easy and quite natural to be thankful when we get what we want or when things go our way.  It is another matter altogether when it seems like we will never realise our dreams, our hearts have been broken, we lose something or someone we love, or we fail to achieve a goal.

Yet, it is possible to achieve Gratitude under these conditions, to open to thankfulness even when we are baffled by what is going on.  It requires open-mindedness; it does not require understanding.  The mere willingness to be grateful collapses the resistance wedged between our Innermost Self and the life force, and this creates an opening through which the Light can seep in and our pain can drain away.”

– Linda Howe, ‘Healing through the Akashic Records’

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