Small pearl bordered fritillary

Small pearl bordered fritillary butterfly, Strath Dulnain

I think I have correctly identified this butterfly!

Summer continues… with stunning hot days of near cloudless blue.  I took this in a beautiful wild meadow of grasses, thistles and many wild flowers, in an opening in the pine and birch wood near the River Dulnain, Strathspey.   Clouds of butterflies (mostly Scotch Argus) fly up from the grasses and thistles as you walk through the meadow.  After the year we’ve had it is a joy to experience such beautiful days.  Photographically speaking this was a hard act as the butterflies rarely stay still for more than a few seconds, fluttering from plant to plant, but also the thistle was swaying in the breeze, making focussing at this distance very hit-and-miss.  (Mostly ‘miss’).

“The people who hurt us are undoubtedly here to help us transform our judgements.  They are here to teach us unconditional love by giving us the opportunity to love ourselves unconditionally in the midst of a lousy situation and to love them, too.  It’s easy to love people who are gentle with us, who accept us, treat us well, appreciate who we are, and communicate their appreciation to us.  It is the ultimate spiritual opportunity to unconditionally love and respect people who are mean-spirited, harsh, cold, or scary.  Rest assured, it’s not necessary to maintain contact with these folks to take advantage of the opportunities they bring.  The task is to make peace within yourself about them, about who they are to you, and how they are good for you in this life.”

– Linda Howe, ‘Healing through the Akashic Records’

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