strath dulnain woods black and white quadtone

Light in the woods

Light in the Strath Dulnain woods, Black & White quadtone I do like playing with the dreamy tones you can get in Black & White 🙂 Evening light coming low through the woods with added emphasis from the dramatic shape of the high wispy cloud.  The woods here are a surviving fragment of our original native […]

River Dulnain, strathspey, scotland

Strath Dulnain

The River Dulnain, upper reaches of Strath Dulnain, near Carrbridge As I write this, it looks lilke the Scottish heatwave is coming to and end as it has suddenly clouded up and started to look stormy, after two weeks of baking temperatures and cloudless days.  Here in the Cairngorms we have had temperatures of 30°C […]

River Dulnain

River Dulnain from Sluggan Bridge One of my favourite places – the sparkling River Dulnain just upstream from Sluggan Bridge, near Carrbridge, taken in the recent spell of sunshine. “The river is constantly turning and bending and you never know where it’s going to go and where you’ll wind up. Following the bend in the […]

Small pearl bordered fritillary

Small pearl bordered fritillary butterfly, Strath Dulnain I think I have correctly identified this butterfly! Summer continues… with stunning hot days of near cloudless blue.  I took this in a beautiful wild meadow of grasses, thistles and many wild flowers, in an opening in the pine and birch wood near the River Dulnain, Strathspey.   Clouds […]

Standing Stones

Natural Standing Stones, Dulnain I found these naturally standing stones, on the top of a small hill in the birch woodland, near the River Dulnain.  The hilltop had a lovely feel to it, and it felt as though there should be something magical there! There has been a noticeable increase in the amount of light […]

Scotch Argus

Scotch Argus on thistle, River Dulnain. Taken during a hot spell this morning, shortly before the big downpour… Butterflies everywhere on the tall grasses and thistles, flitting fast (mostly too fast for slow photographers). Oh, and clouds of midges too. Just in case you thought it sounded like heaven. The Scotch Argus is  common and […]

Sluggan Bridge

Thyme at Sluggan Bridge, River Dulnain, Strathspey. After weeks of rain, a sunny day! It was lovely to lay in the grass, amongst patches of wild thyme, clover and herbs and feel the hot sun. The bees were busy enjoying it too. Sluggan Bridge was part of the military road network built by General wade […]