Scotch Argus

Scotch Argus on thistle, River Dulnain.

Taken during a hot spell this morning, shortly before the big downpour… Butterflies everywhere on the tall grasses and thistles, flitting fast (mostly too fast for slow photographers).

Oh, and clouds of midges too. Just in case you thought it sounded like heaven.

The Scotch Argus is  common and widespread in Scotland but has suffered substantial declines in the southern part of its range. In England it is reduced to just two isolated colonies in Cumbria.  See British Butterflies – a photographic guide

“Journeys bring power and love

Back into you. If you can’t go somewhere,

Move in the passageways of the self.

They are like shafts of light,

Always changing, and you change

When you explore them.”

– Rumi.

I found this quote from Rumi after thinking on how the butterfly is the symbol for transformation and change.   We emerge from one stage of life into another.  It can be scary & frightening to emerge from our cocoon, the old familiar, into the new world which opens up for us.  We may emerge as a radically different person!

Our friends may no longer recognise us…

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