Aheny River, Co Kerry, Ireland

Aheny River

A gorge and small waterfall on the Aheny River, inland from the charming town of Kenmare.  I loved this wee spot with the oak trees overhanging the gorge.

Gorge of the River Findhorn at Randolphs Leap

River Findhorn at Randolph’s Leap

The gorge of the River Findhorn at Randolph’s Leap Peering over the edge of the gorge, with the rushing peat-black water of the River Findhorn below.  The sun came out from behind thick clouds for just a few moments, enough to light up the tracery of the tree branches.  This is a place of strong […]

autumn leaves at the hermitage, dunkeld, scotland

The Hermitage

Autumn leaves at The Hermitage, Dunkeld Late afternoon on a damp overcast day, and although the leaves seemed to be glowing there was no light for photography.  In the absence of a tripod I was able to balance the camera on the parapet of the old stone bridge for  a 2 second exposure, blurring the […]

River Dulnain, strathspey, scotland

Strath Dulnain

The River Dulnain, upper reaches of Strath Dulnain, near Carrbridge As I write this, it looks lilke the Scottish heatwave is coming to and end as it has suddenly clouded up and started to look stormy, after two weeks of baking temperatures and cloudless days.  Here in the Cairngorms we have had temperatures of 30°C […]

Golden Mist

Golden mist, Linn of White Cart, Glasgow A suitably wintry image after this week’s frost and ice.  The last rays of the afternoon sun shining through the mist rising from the cascade, giving  a glowing golden effect above the water. “When you don’t play roles, it means there is no self (ego) in what you […]

Linn of White Cart, Glasgow

Linn of the White Cart Water, Glasgow ‘Linn’ is Gaelic for a pool, often associated with the pool at the foot of a waterfall.  I was amazed to discover such a wild wee river and gorge right in the middle of Glasgow’s South side. The sparkly sun after rain helped, too! “We all move on […]

River Dulnain

River Dulnain from Sluggan Bridge One of my favourite places – the sparkling River Dulnain just upstream from Sluggan Bridge, near Carrbridge, taken in the recent spell of sunshine. “The river is constantly turning and bending and you never know where it’s going to go and where you’ll wind up. Following the bend in the […]

River Tromie

River Tromie, Strathspey Summer arrived… for one stunning weekend. Well, until the storm broke anyway.  Yesterday was perfect for just sitting by the river, taking in the sun, seeing the intense shimmer through the vibrant greens of the trees, and keeping an eye on the massive thunderclouds building up over the mountains.  The Tromie is […]

Beaver Creek, Sedona, Arizona

Beaver Creek, Sedona, Arizona Another week of rain, and I haven’t been out with the camera, so here’s an image full of wonderful energy and colour from my trip to Arizona last year.  This is one of the most beautiful places I have ever been, with incredible aliveness. “Mindfulness is a deceptive condition.  It’s not […]


Dipper flying above the River Spey, with snowy reflections I was lucky to have the camera out and ready when this dipper flew past!  Only solid ice will prevent them from dipping under in search of food. Its been a stormy few days with rain, snow, wind, and rain again – in fairly equal quantities.  […]

Dalfaber Riverbank

Spey riverbank, Dalfaber, Aviemore A sunny break on an autumn day, taking in the flow of the seasons along the riverbank.  Transferred to black & white, then toned. “Spiritual development is not about sitting in a cave and meditating 24/7.  It’s about real people leading dynamic and satisfying lives, and having the tools to help […]