Ice Floes, River Spey

Sunset light on the River Spey near Aviemore.

Our Scandinavian conditions continue… taken this afternoon on a ski along the banks of the Spey, with the sunlight creating these beautiful snowy reflections.  A constant flow of ice “pancakes” went drifting by, as the river starts to freeze after another week of constant low temperatures.  We have about 2 feet of snow around the village,  and much more in some places.  I was skiing this afternoon over trees I know to be over 1m tall, with just the tips sticking out.

Although its tiring being out in these conditions, its very energising also, and good for the spirit.

“We live in chaotic yet amazingly potent times.  It’s hard not to notice that everything today is as volatile as boiling water.  The upside is that the volatility is shaking us up and pushing us to experience ourselves in an entirely new way – less as solid physical bodies separated by empty space and more as energetically vibrational beings living interdependently with other vibrational beings.”

– Penney Peirce “frequency”.

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