cy sunset silhouette on frozen Loch Vaa, cairngorms National Park

Icy Sunset Silhouette

The setting sun projecting onto the icy surface of Loch Vaa, before an atmospheric walk home in the growing dark, through a mysterious woodland…

Sun and snow on birch tree

Snow Trees

Birch – the tree of light. In the twilight there is a magical presence here, at any time of the year, but it seems amplified with snow underfoot reflecting the pink sky.

Distant Shine

Sun glinting on the distant plateau of the Gaick hills. Winter has still hardly arrived with only a few mildly frosty days. This weekend however saw some snow on the hills, and an icy start with blue skies.  The sun was blinding on the distant snowy mountain-tops, although obscured by the intervening thick haze, giving […]

Snowy Birch and Blue

Looking up through a snowy birch , Craigellachie Nature Reserve, Aviemore A sky this blue has been an unusual sight for us this winter! These trees are a great physical example of how we should be energetically, with their crowns open to the light, and roots deep in the earth.  Its a great daily meditation […]

Snow Branches

Soft snow on birch branches, Craigellachie lochan, Aviemore I liked the tracery of these branches with their reflections, as the loch surface rapidly snowed over. Imbolc, or St Brigid’s Day, will be on Wednesday 1st or Thursday 2nd Feb (different traditions give different dates).  Traditionally it  marks the beginning of spring, falling approximately halfway between […]

Snow Birch

Snow Birch, Craigellachie National Nature Reserve, Aviemore Another image from New Year, at the treeline of the birch wood on Craigellachie hill, on a day of deep frost and sparkling air.  At the time I was amazed how deep the snow was, not realising how much more we would get over the next week!  I […]

In the mist

In the mist…  Pine silhouettes Early afternoon, on skis in the Monadhliath near Aviemore.  I hoped that the mist would lift, as there was almost blue sky above, but as I approached the big pines the mist closed in further, giving me time for a few shots before they faded away… “The greatest healers who […]

Characterful Pine, Glenmore

Characterful Pine, Rothiemurchus woods, near Aviemore. One from the last fortnight when the snow was still fresh and beautiful!  The slow thaw continues, but we still have some deep snow in the woods making it very difficult to walk anywhere.  Footpaths are icy and treacherous, off the paths there is still deep and heavy snow. […]

Ice Floes, River Spey

Sunset light on the River Spey near Aviemore. Our Scandinavian conditions continue… taken this afternoon on a ski along the banks of the Spey, with the sunlight creating these beautiful snowy reflections.  A constant flow of ice “pancakes” went drifting by, as the river starts to freeze after another week of constant low temperatures.  We […]

Snow Drops

Snow drops on birch. This was a “pick n mix” week.  Your choice of rain, snow, sleet in any combination at any time, served with a side order of gales.   This drop of melting snow was  refracting the tree behind, in a brief moment of relative light. “Take January’s advice – stack wood! Weather inevitably […]