Autumn Mist, Craigellachie

Autumn Mist – Craigellachie National Nature Reserve, Aviemore

One of those rare days of perfection yesterday – morning mist followed by blue skies and stunning autumn colours.  Voted ‘top day of the year’!

“I looked upward into the vast expanse of world surrounding us and, giving thanks, finally understood that the world is truly a place of abundance.  It is full of kind, supporting people to share our lives if we let them.  There is food and water for all beings everywhere if we are open to receiving and open to giving.  But most of all I now appreciated the abundant spiritual guidance available in my life.  Help was available in every stress, including the very act of dying, now that I had gotten past doing it my way.”

– Marlo Morgan, ‘Mutant Message Down Under’.

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