Spey Snow Reflections

Snow reflections on the banks of the River Spey, near Aviemore Taken during last January’s big freeze, with ice ‘pancakes’ drifting along on the current.  I loved the rich golden sunlight and the reflections this created with the ice. One of the themes I often come back to with my quotations is the nature of […]

Birch reflections and reeds

Birch reflections and reeds, Craigellachie, Aviemore A sunny morning at Craigellachie lochan, reflecting the last of the birch colour along with a patchwork of autumnal reed-leaves.  I love the combination of the purple birch branches showing through as the orange fades.  Its a shock every year how quickly we lose daylight once we’re into November […]

Crescent moon and afterglow, midwinter

Crescent moon and sunset afterglow, midwinter. Taken while cross-country skiing out in the woods near Aviemore. Although it was long after sunset (about mid-afternoon…) the sky was bright and the snow reflecting the pinks and purples lit my way home. The Highlands have been in a Scandinavian weather system all week, with temperatures down to […]

Autumn Mist, Craigellachie

Autumn Mist – Craigellachie National Nature Reserve, Aviemore One of those rare days of perfection yesterday – morning mist followed by blue skies and stunning autumn colours.  Voted ‘top day of the year’! “I looked upward into the vast expanse of world surrounding us and, giving thanks, finally understood that the world is truly a […]

Autumn Birch Reflections

Autumn Birches – Craigellachie National Nature Reserve, Aviemore Some brief sunshine this morning at one of my favourite local spots, turning the autumnal birches to gold.  Now? Rain is doing its thing once again. Changing the world… “We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts, we make […]