From the details of a feather, to musings on the Cosmos.

Through the mist

The Cairngorms from Aviemore.  Corrie Gorm (appearing behind) and Carn Eilrig (the pyramid-shaped hill) through the late afternoon mist. Happy New Year! … and welcome to 2012.  After all the speculation and hysteria about the ‘end of the world’ next December we are finally here.  As I am sure everybody on this list is aware, […]

Cairngorms from Ord Ban

Last Autumn Colour – Cairngorms and Rothiemurchus. The autumn here has been so colourful this year, now with the purple birch branches showing through the last golden leaves.  This view looks across Loch an Eilein and the plain of Rothiemurchus to the Cairngorm mountains. Didn’t the full moon seem extra-bright this week?  Maybe we haven’t […]

Autumn Mist, Craigellachie

Autumn Mist – Craigellachie National Nature Reserve, Aviemore One of those rare days of perfection yesterday – morning mist followed by blue skies and stunning autumn colours.  Voted ‘top day of the year’! “I looked upward into the vast expanse of world surrounding us and, giving thanks, finally understood that the world is truly a […]

Birch Snow twigs

Snowy Birch Branches. The last few days have turned wintry on us, with  a few inches of soft fluffy snow.  The sun came out for a few minutes, shining through these  birch branches. Its been one of those perplexing weeks, just when you think you are beginning to understand and get to grips with something… […]

Danube Bend, Dobogoko, Hungary

Evening colours,  view of the Danube, Dobogoko, Visegrad Hills, Hungary. “When I keep my focus on the universe inside, I can have everything: money, success, and fulfilling relationships, as well as that incredible connection inside myself. If I am in love with someone and begin to think of him as my source of joy, then […]

Fruiting Lichen

Lichen ‘fruiting’ – the red caps really stand out amongst the moss. Sun and showers, it must be March – oh hang on, maybe its just Scotland… I suppose being St David’s day I should have a daffodil here, but that should be a couple of weeks off for us yet.  My crocuses would be […]

Evening sun after rain

Evening sunburst after rain, Glenmore, Strathspey. The dark clouds behind completely hide the mountains, but suddenly these old pines were lit up by shafts of sunlight. “Duct tape is like the force.  It has a light side, a dark side, and it holds the Universe together.” – Oprah Winfrey “Every moment of light and dark […]

Reed Reflections

Reed Reflections, Craigellachie Lochan, Strathspey. Continuing with last week’s (this summer’s?) watery theme – reeds reflecting in a lochan, for a beautiful graphic effect. “A human being is part of a whole, called by us the Universe, a part limited in time and space.  He experiences himself, his thoughts and feelings, as something separated from […]