Fruiting Lichen

Lichen ‘fruiting’ – the red caps really stand out amongst the moss.

Sun and showers, it must be March – oh hang on, maybe its just Scotland…

I suppose being St David’s day I should have a daffodil here, but that should be a couple of weeks off for us yet.  My crocuses would be fully out if the sun would shine on them for long enough…

“Everything is made up of principal ideas, and for each idea there is also a sound.  So we are all made up of sounds.  We are all music.  With each inhalation we identify our purpose to be alive, vibrations of the here and now, and our universe is created. And with each exhalation, the universe is given new life.

This is how we create the future; what we choose to live in each and every moment resonates outward on our breath.

We inhale in one moment, and we are presentness; we exhale in the next, and we are futureness.”

– ‘Being and Vibration’ by Joseph Rael (Beautiful Painted Arrow).

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