Atlantic Bridge

View down Seil Sound from Clachan Bridge (the Bridge over the Atlantic), Argyll. I like the graphic effect in this, a mix of sparkly sunshine breaking through mist and light rain, showing the crazy mix of land, sea and lochs that is the west coast of Scotland.  Clachan Bridge is a beautiful steeply arched stone […]

Freezing Spires, Loch Morlich

Freezing Spires – Loch Morlich, Glenmore. Taken a few days ago just before New Year, on a day of sparkling frost crystals and fantastic air clarity with a daytime high temperature of -9C.  The loch was completely frozen over (and perfectly skiable…) except for the outflow, pictured here.  The surface was steaming like a hot […]

Giant Redwoods, Argyll

Avenue of giant Redwoods, Benmore Botanic garden, Argyll. A rainy afternoon in Argyll, with mist wreathed around the forests and hills, but beautiful energies from the amazing trees. “We can approach our tasks in life with gnashing teeth or a playful flair.  And the more serious the matter is, the more the lightness of humour […]

Orange Lily

Lily Colour Therapy In lieu of summer sunshine, here’s the glowing colour of some lily detail, with added raindrop… “Life and living according to the tribe is in movement, advancement, and change.  They spoke about alive and nonalive time.  People are nonliving when angry, depressed, feeling sorry for themselves, or filled with fear.  Breathing doesn’t […]

Fruiting Lichen

Lichen ‘fruiting’ – the red caps really stand out amongst the moss. Sun and showers, it must be March – oh hang on, maybe its just Scotland… I suppose being St David’s day I should have a daffodil here, but that should be a couple of weeks off for us yet.  My crocuses would be […]

Randolph’s Leap

Randolph’s Leap, River Findhorn Gorge. Rays of sun filtering down through the freezing mist hanging above the river, last weekend. I find Randolph’s Leap, and the Findhorn gorge in general, to have a real magical quality, from the woods and the energy of the river. The river as a symbol of life’s journey must be […]