Randolph’s Leap

Randolph’s Leap, River Findhorn Gorge.

Rays of sun filtering down through the freezing mist hanging above the river, last weekend.

I find Randolph’s Leap, and the Findhorn gorge in general, to have a real magical quality, from the woods and the energy of the river.

The river as a symbol of life’s journey must be one of the oldest metaphors on the planet.

I love the story of ‘Jumping Mouse’ which tells of a mouse who decides to investigate the distant roaring sound he hears, to the consternation of his mice tribe (who all deny that there even is a sound).  He sets out alone, meeting various animal guides along the way. Following their prompting he jumps high enough to see the Sacred Mountains in the distance, and falls into the river!  Now his journey really takes off…

– as told in ‘Seven Arrows’ by Hyemeyohsts Storm.

“The Sun shines not on us but in us.

The rivers flow not past,

But through us… “

– John Muir.

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