Craigellachie Birch

Blue and gold

Autumn Birch, Craigellachie A stunning autumn morning at Craigellachie lochan, one of my favourite places locally.   The lochan is definitely a morning place – at this time of year the sun sets behind the crag by late morning throwing the wood into shade.  There was just one morning recently when we had early sun, so […]

Beams of golden light across Flodden Moss from the Campsie Fells after a storm

Campsie Gold

Beams of golden light after a storm Dramatic skies on a stormy summer evening, in the Campsie Fells near Fintry, North of Glasgow. Looking across the Flodden moss towards the Trossachs and Ben Lomond in the distance.  And yes, it did pour on me, but not for long ūüôā The cloudscapes were amazing, with everchanging […]

Strathspey sunset from Torr Alvie

Misty Forest Sunset

Sunset over¬†Strathspey¬† from Torr Alvie Late afternoon strands of mist rose from the forest, turning fiery in the setting sun, the camera balanced on a convenient fencepost for support in the lower light. I realised that one of the reasons I love nature photography, apart from being out in my favourite places and sharing the […]

Autumn birch wood in mist, craigellachie NNR Aviemore, Scotland

Blue and Gold

Birch Gold, Craigellachie National Nature Reserve, Aviemore There’s been no photography this week, with ongoing gales, rain and storms, so here’s another image from that spectacular morning this time last year.¬† Its all about being in the right place at the right time – as the mist swirled and cleared, and suddenly the sun shone […]

Fiery sunset mist, caledonian forest, Rothiemurchus

Fiery Mist

Fiery mist in the Caledonian Forest, Rothiemurchus Our three weeks of heatwave summer came crashing to an end on saturday with some close-up thunder, lightning and torrential rain.¬† However, shortly before sunset the sun reappeared, and the forest started steaming after all the rain.¬† I spent a breathless ten minutes jumping through the heathery bog […]

Marigold flower


Glowing Marigold flower (Calendula) These Marigolds are full of such amazing vibrancy, they were glowing gold in the sunshine this week.¬† They make me smile whenever I see them, and that has to be good! Calendula gives us so much, from the simple beauty of the flowers to various herbal uses as well as being […]

Blue Anenome

Blue Anenome I love how this flower shifts colour depending on the light, from blue to purple, and I love the combination of the velvety purple with the shimmering golden stamens.¬† It just seems to glow with these deeply nourishing high-vibration colours.¬† Here’s a meditation on colour and light … focus and breathe these colours […]

Gold and Blue

Golden ‘Silver Birch’, Craigellachie National Nature Reserve, Aviemore For about three hours on tuesday afternoon the heavens turned blue, and the autumn birch wood shone with 100 shades of gold.¬† There was no wind, and for a while it was t-shirt weather.¬† In the Highlands one has to be quick – shortly before sunset the […]

Insh Birch

Birch above Insh Marshes, near Kingussie, September A beautiful day in the birch woodlands above Insh Marshes, most definitely with a mix of sunshine and showers.¬† Insh marshes are said to be one of the most important wetlands in Europe, with many species over-wintering from the Arctic and Scandinavia.¬† I love the colours there at […]

Copper and Gold

Copper and Gold Birch, Craigellachie, Aviemore The high winds of the last fortnight have stripped the leaves, many before they had even turned properly.¬† Yesterday the weather and my timing finally came together, with bursts of intense sunshine (and a few showers) illuminating the last of the leaves, with the silvery-copper branches shining through creating […]


Orange Birch in the rain, Craigellachie National Nature Reserve This week Scotland decided to cut out the middle man, skip autumn and go straight to winter, with snow on the hills (and a few showers of the white stuff down here), and gales and rain a-plenty.¬† The rain and low lighting really bring out the […]