Birch Tracery

Birch tresses in winter light

Birch in winter light, Craigellachie

Coppery tresses of birch streaming in the wind. The heavy frost which had built up over several days was thawing as a warmer breeze came in, making the birch glisten in the sun.  I love how the tresses adorn this most graceful of trees, and her wintry silver and copper colours.

On the wisdom of trees…

“The origin of the word knowledge itself is strongly tied to trees. In the Germanic languages, most terms for learning, knowledge, wisdom, and so on are derived from the words for tree or wood.  In Anglo Saxon we have witan (mind, consciousness) and witige (wisdom); in English, ‘wits’, ‘witch’, and wizard’; and in modern German, Witz (wits, joke). These words all stem from the ancient Scandinavian root word vid, which means ‘wood’ (as in forest, not timber).”

– Fred Hageneder ‘The Spirit Of  Trees: Science, Symbiosis, And Inspiration’

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