Balcoes, Madeira

Balcoes View, Ribeiro Frio, Madeira, portugal

The view from Balcoes, Ribeiro Frio, Madeira, looking down to Porto da Cruz and the ocean beyond.

Despite the rugged panorama, this was an easy 3km walk on a nearly-flat gradient, alongside one of Madeira’s famous levada irrigation channels.  The walk took us through a ferny woodland and rock cuttings before coming to the spectacular viewpoint.  The only thing you need a head for heights for is the bus journey there – twisting up and down hairpin bends along a spectacular ravine.

After a rainy start the clouds started to break, while patches of sunlight flitted across the landscape.

madeira mountains from ribeiro frio
Looking the other way into the central mountains

Its all a bit like the journey of life – the road can appear steep and tortuous, but there are places along the way where you can look out over the clouds, see the greater picture and how it all starts to connect together…

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