Loch Vaa Spring

Spring day at Loch Vaa

Spring Day, Loch Vaa

A perfect April day – after a frosty start it turned bright and sparkly, the forest around the loch thick with fresh resinous pine scent in the warm sunshine.  Fish were jumping, ducks and geese busy making a clamour – everything seemed to be stretching out to enjoy the sun and the promise of spring, and the nourishing colours of the environment.

 “It is important to delve deep into one’s heart and from there look for the gateway into one’s own inner being and into the worlds; purification should also come from the heart.  The heart is to be the starting point for everything you do to free the energies of the soul.  Learn to enter your own heart and to open it.  Here you will find the key to every question: all you need to discover is written in the heart; it is the book of the past, present and future.  Learn to listen attentively to the heart in order to gain guidance and direction.  The heart is to become the basis from which you start and on which you are founded.”

– Marko Pogacnik, ‘Healing the Heart of the Earth’

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