Beara Peninsula

stone circle, ardgroom, co kerry, ireland

Stone Circle, Beara Peninsula, Co. Kerry, Ireland

‘Inspirational Image’ has been a bit quiet recently while I’ve been catching up after a trip to Ireland.  I was in County Cork and County Kerry, exploring the energies of the landscape and the ancient stone circle energetic engineering with master dowser Michele Fitzgerald.  I love Scotland, but I found Ireland’s south-west to be absolutely stunning, with so many beautiful places that just grab you by the heart.  Its not only beautiful, but the land mostly feels like its glowing with energy and vibrancy.  The people there obviously love their land and care for it.

The geology is similar to the West of Scotland in many ways, but with such lush vegetation, and wee farms much higher up in the hills than we get in Scotland, and everywhere glowing with a seemingly impossible emerald green.

Healy pass, Co. Kerry
Glenmore, from the Healy Pass, Co. Kerry

spring lamb, co. kerry

Cute factor?

This part of Ireland has long been written about as a place where the elemental world is close to our own, and able to be commnicated with.  W.B. Yeats, in his introduction to Irish fairy and Folk Tales, wrote “In Ireland they are still extant, giving gifts to the kindly, and plaguing the surly.”

From my experiences in Ireland, I can only reiterate what I have previously written over the last few years, but with a stronger awareness.  The elemental kingdom is very real, and is essential to the health of well, everything that lives.  The more that we can be aware of them, and be sensitive to the fact that everything in the landscape is alive and has consciousness, and is home to other communities of Beings, the better for us and the Earth.

Following the trip, I’ve revisited a favourite book, Summer with the Leprechauns by Tanis Halliwell, in which the author relates her experiences of communicating with the Elementals after renting an isolated cottage in Ireland.  Here are her ‘top ten tips’ for good relations between Humans and Elementals – and, whether or not you believe in elementals, I’d say these are beneficial practices in themselves, especially number 3.

  1. Believe in elementals.  Human belief strengthens elementals.
  2. Be happy and enthusiastic.  Elementals are not attracted to depressed, sad humans.
  3. Go to healthy places in nature as often as possible.  Walk in forests, along the seashore, lie in a meadow, listen to birds, sit by a brook.  Enter into the right vibration of the Earth and listen to what it wants.  Humans will purify their vibrations if they do these things.
  4. Appreciate the beauty in nature.  When humans do this, elementals will be attracted to you.
  5. Cooperate and create with nature by planting trees, growing flowers, feeding the birds.
  6. Send energy to elementals who look after trees, flowers, water and mountains, to keep them healthy.  Do this with joy and gratitude.
  7. Teach other humans to appreciate nature.  Do it woth love and joy, and these humans will begin to understand the Earth’s needs.
  8. Do things spontaneously; free yourself from overplanning.
  9. Take time every day to do nothing.  Create a space in both your house and head so magic can occur.
  10. In order to contact an elemental who wants to work with you on an ongoing basis, sit in a quiet natural place, close your eyes, and call this elemental to you.  Notice what kind of elemental has come, ask it what its gift is.  Listen to this elemental on an ongoing basis; act on its suggestions, and your relationship will become stronger.

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