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bee on rhododendron flower

Rhododendron Bee

My Rhododendron has had its best display in years, just laden with delicate pink blossom this last week, possibly due to the mild winter we’ve experienced.  The bees have been on a constant mission into the flowers all week, especially on these hot (for Scotland, that is) spring days we’ve had over Easter.  They are almost impossible to photograph, as they are so fast, and don’t stop for more than a fraction of a second.  Perseverance paid off, with a few useable images…

We need to do all we can to support bees which are under serious threat from many sources, including pesticides, wifi/microwave transmitters.  Tell bees they are welcome in your garden – and back it up by not using pesticides, and by planting bee-friendly flowers.

Here are some resources for bee-friendly gardens:


“The bee’s life is like a magic well: the more you draw from it, the more it fills with water”

– Karl Von Frisch, Bees: Their Vision, Chemical Senses and Language


Happy Easter!

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