Bee on Dahlia

Dahlia Bee

Dahlia Bee This particular bee was either asleep, drunk on nectar, or just taking a nap, as it stayed on the flower for over 2 hours, giving the occasional lackadaisical wave of its antennae.  Even with the bee at rest it wasn’t an easy photograph – the flowers have very long stems and wave around […]

bee on rhododendron flower

Bee Hug

Rhododendron Bee My Rhododendron has had its best display in years, just laden with delicate pink blossom this last week, possibly due to the mild winter we’ve experienced.  The bees have been on a constant mission into the flowers all week, especially on these hot (for Scotland, that is) spring days we’ve had over Easter.  […]

Bee on Rhododendron

Bee on Rhododendron. Lots of colour this week – our daffodils are fully out, tulips about to flower, King’s Cup flowering along the riverbank, Wood Anenomes finally out in the woods… it most definitely is spring! This rhododendron in my garden was all sparkly after the previous day’s rain. ” Let the beauty you love […]