Sunset Pines

Pines at sunset, Tullochgrue, Rothiemurchus

After a cold, damp, misty November day with no sight of the sun, I got lucky by heading a couple of hundred feet up to Tullochgrue – a small but steep hill which overlooks the surrounding area of Rothiemurchus.  The sun shone out from under the cloud cover as it set, giving us 10 minutes of amazing warm, vibrant light on the wet trees, with the dark clouds still surrounding.

“I have come to know that the human heart is valuable not only because our divine essence is anchored there, but also because it has a special relationship to the heart system of Earth.  Because we have incarnated in the life systems of Earth, we are also part of the planetary heart system.  And because we are ‘children of the Earth’, a holographic fragment (a self-aware fractal) of the Earth Heart is incorporated in us.  From the time of our birth through the whole span of our incarnation we have the right and the capacity to vibrate in tune with the Heart of Earth.”

– Marko Pogacnik, ‘Nature Spirits & Elemental Beings – Working with the Intelligence in Nature’

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