Yes, its been another week of rain interspersed with heavy showers, and the odd ray of sun that lasted long enough to almost make it out of the door each time.  To be fair, we had a beautiful couple of hours this evening at sunset.  Its been cold, too – the fire has been on for the last few evenings.

This echinacea represents a wee triumph for my garden, given that echinacea, being a plant of the dry american interior, “does not overly enjoy damp conditions”.  The plant almost didn’t make it last year, so I have been very happy to have even this one solitary flower!

“If the physicists are right, the only thing we can be certain of is uncertainty.  Reality doesn’t happen until we decide to make it happen through our collective beliefs.  But we can be certain of our own loving intention.

Our grand experiment involves applying that loving intention in our lives and our world.  Put another way, the best way to accept the uncertainty in the world is with certainty in our hearts.  We cannot be certain about the results, but we can be certain about our intentions, which, in turn, will affect the results.  As Descartes didn’t say, ‘I love, therefore I am.’ “

– Bruce Lipton and Steve Bhaerman, Spontaneous Evolution.

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