Rock in the flow

A Rock in the flow, River Findhorn.

Autumn really started to show her colours this week, with the birch woods turning gold, and a  touch of fresh snow on the hills on thursday as well.

This is at Randolph’s Leap on the River Findhorn.  The day was so gloomy and dark but it allowed me to have a really long exposure to show the water flow.

A choice this week – are you going with the flow, or are you standing firm as a rock?  Speaking in geological time, even the strongest rock will be ground down and carried off by the flow – to become new rocks elsewhere!  Then again, don’t worry about the future, it is this moment ‘now’ which matters.  Perhaps it just illustrates that everything is always in a process of change.  Being balanced means being flexible.

Talking about inner balance, this week I have been reading a marvellous book by William Bloom called ‘Feeling Safe‘, all about managing your internal body chemistry through breathing, awareness and kind thoughts.

“If your mind is friendly towards your body, your body likes the attention and responds by relaxing and going into well-being.  If your mind is cold towards your body, then your body does not like it and tenses.  At a simple chemical level, internal kindness creates an opiate flow that keeps all the circulatory systems open and healthy.  Internal harshness is corrosive and coagulatory; the body responds to its own judgemental and authoritarian mind with the biochemistry of acidic tension.

Your  mind can adopt the attitude of a kind parent who fully accepts and sympathises with all the inner imperfections, pressure and distress.”

— William Bloom ‘Feeling Safe’

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