Suspended in a raindrop

Water drops on Crocosmia. A break in the summer rain with the sun sparkling through.  For a few minutes, the world lay suspended in a raindrop.

Loch Alvie Mist

Loch Alvie Atmosphere

Impressionistic evening mist at loch Alvie, with only a few ducks scrabbling in the shallows, and a gentle hiss through the reeds. 

fern forest

Faerie Forest

Holy Well Forest, near Kenmare, Co. Kerry This is a truly special place, and one that is alive with presence.  The path to the Holy Well led down through a magical fern-filled forest, sparkling in the late evening light.  The energy around the well is very powerfully healing. Holy Well Forest Light in the forest […]


Calligraphic Reeds, Loch Garten, October Drooping reeds and reflections are always such an attractive photographic subject (whether the picture works or not is another matter entirely!)  It was overcast at Loch Garten, but the stillness of the water made for a perfect reflection. This quote seemed appropriate this week: “The resting place of the mind […]

Dunadd, Argyll

The Big Moss from Dunadd hill, Kilmartin Glen, Argyll. After the storms early last week, Indian summer has arrived for a few days.  This is from Dunadd Hill, centre of the 7th century Scottish kingdom of Dalriada in Kilmartin Glen, Argyll. Photographically challenging, with the pattern of light and dark on the landscape in constant […]