Faerie Forest

fern forest

Holy Well Forest, near Kenmare, Co. Kerry

This is a truly special place, and one that is alive with presence.  The path to the Holy Well led down through a magical fern-filled forest, sparkling in the late evening light.  The energy around the well is very powerfully healing.

Holy Well Forest, Kenmare, Co Kerry

Holy Well Forest

Light in the forest

Light in the forest

Take the time to quieten yourself,come into your heart, and feel the special quality that comes through these photos from this place.

This week a lengthy quote from Marko Pogacnik, who writes this so well:

The Quality of Grounding

The qualities of grounding and inner peace are of decisive importance.  They must be nourished if a person wants to come in touch, and remain in touch, with the world of elemental beings and environmental spitits.  Indeed, these are decisive qualities for our own health and wellbeing.

When nature spirits try to make people conscious of their inadequate grounding, they are trying to protect modern men and women from the loss of their life’s foundation.  It is the personal elemental being, as guardian of life, which feels this danger most keenly.

Part of the logic of a global civilisation is the necessity to become ever more deeply involved in our rational patterns.  We do not realise that, in doing so, we are severing our relationship with our own soul.  This loss also weakens our connection with the flow of life power until it gets hard for the personal elemental being to take care of the normal course of our vital bodily functions.  That sounds the alarm.

To avoid that sort of collapse, which usually results in illness, we should learn to permenently maintain our grounding, including our grounding to our inner earth which is embodied in the region of our abdomen.

We must also learn to permanently maintain the quality of our inner peace.  Its place within us is the heart centre, and the spark of the divine presence is anchored in the middle of that.  If a person is present in the middle of their heart centre, then the fountain of eternal peace, and of one’s own personal peace, are both anchored there.”

– Marko Pogacnik, ‘Nature Spirits & Elemental Beings’

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