Rothiemurchus and the Cairngorm Mountains A view over Rothiemurchus, with the curve of the River Spey in the foreground, towards the wintry Cairngorm Mountains.  Loch an Eilein is just visible in the middle, nestling in the hills.  It has been stormy, but for us its been a far milder and less snowy winter than in […]

Sunset across the Montanas del Fuego, Lanzarote

Sunset across the Montanas del Fuego, Lanzarote, Canary Islands. Loving the misty ridges into the distance as the sun sets. Apart from some oh-so-appreciated winter sunshine, I’ve been learning how to breathe all over again with Alan Dolan, Transformational Breath Facilitator. See for more. I have to say that this is a very beneficial […]

Cairngorms from Ord Ban

Last Autumn Colour – Cairngorms and Rothiemurchus. The autumn here has been so colourful this year, now with the purple birch branches showing through the last golden leaves.  This view looks across Loch an Eilein and the plain of Rothiemurchus to the Cairngorm mountains. Didn’t the full moon seem extra-bright this week?  Maybe we haven’t […]

Cascade, River Orchy

Cascade, River Orchy One minute its beautiful hot sunshine and everything is sparkly, the next minute its back to winter. “Spirit requires matter to express itself, and matter needs spirit to give it motion and meaning.  As your understanding grows, you begin to see spirit and matter in all things, as two inseparable aspects of […]


Birch reflections on ice. Stones beneath. Last week’s snow thawed during this week, in the process of which I found this ice beginning to break up.  I love the way the shapes combine, together with the reflected birch tree – a bit of a Tangram puzzle! I’ve really noticed the days getting longer this week, […]

Pollen Ripples

Pine Pollen Ripples, Loch Garten, Strathspey. Pollen from the overhanging Scots Pine made these galaxy-like patterns & clusters, with the gentle ripples along the shoreline. Fractal mathematics (the mathematics of natural patterns) tells us about self-similarity: nature shows us similar-looking patterns at many different levels of scale. “Concerning matter we have been all wrong.  What […]