White Crocus

White Crocus

Crocus flower Its spring, we’re just past the equinox, the sun is warm (if you’re in the shelter away from the biting wind!) and its time for a crocus image.  These wee flowers are so cheery after a long Scottish winter 🙂 I watched the Channel 4 documentary programme ‘Live from Space‘ – broadcast live […]


Crocus flower and leaves Its spring – the sun has shone all week and although its still very chilly at times, there has been some real warmth.  Crocus bulbs have shot up all over the garden, and the first few are in flower.  I was trying to do something a bit different from the straight […]

First crocus

Crocus bulb – the first colour of Spring Its been a mild week with temperatures in the 10-15C range and some lovely sunny spells where it felt good just being able to sit outside comfortably.  There was also the annual ‘day of the frogs’ where the path to the loch was strewn with frogs sunning […]


First crocus Its time for the annual crocus photo – after a few warm sunny spring-like days (and with a sharp frost too).  After a Scottish winter its good to see the first colour springing from the earth. “Innocence of eye has a quality of its own. It means to see as a child sees, […]

Crocus close-up

First of all, apologies for the missing week.  Sometimes, stuff happens… Happy Easter!  Given that we had raging blizzards and two feet of snow during the week, I still can’t be very confident that it is actually Spring. As I write this the snow is melting, the rain has cleared, and the evening sun is […]

Crocus Bud

Crocus bud – Dydd G?yl Dewi Sant – Saint David’s Day Spring is definitely doing its thing.  The ice has gone from the pond where it has been since December, with two pairs of Mallard taking up residence.  On one day during the week, toads were everywhere on the path. The first crocus in my […]

Yellow crocus

Crocus. I realise that most of you live a lot further south and lower down than I do, so this may be a bit late – but our crocuses are finally fully out.  They’ve been up for ages, but there has only been enough sunshine on a few days for them to fully open. A […]