Crocus Bud

Crocus bud – Dydd G?yl Dewi Sant – Saint David’s Day

Spring is definitely doing its thing.  The ice has gone from the pond where it has been since December, with two pairs of Mallard taking up residence.  On one day during the week, toads were everywhere on the path.

The first crocus in my garden flowered this week too.  Isn’t it great to see colour again? No daffodils for us yet though, give it a few weeks.

I’ve been reading up on the golden section, or golden mean, otherwise known by the Greek letter phi.  This is closely related to the famous Fibonacci series (about which I have written before, and am sure to do so again!).  The same ratio appears throughout nature, governing all growth, from the smallest of scales to the largest.

Patterns in nature exhibit self-similarity – whatever the scale, the patterns are very similar, from a galaxy to a whelk, down to the structure of DNA.

Each twist of DNA fits in a rectangle measuring in the Fibonacci ratio of 34:21 angstroms, closely approximating phi.  (An angstrom is a measurement used at the atomic scale, one angstrom being 0.1 billionth of a metre).

“You are a whole made up of lesser parts, and you are part of a greater whole.

The golden section is interwoven into the very fabric of our existence, providing us with the means to resonate, to attune with successively broader stages of self-identity and unfoldment.”

– Scott Olsen ‘The golden section’.

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