Findhorn Beach

Findhorn Beach, toned black-and-white A photo from the summer, and another experiment in black-and-white toning.  I love how it brings out the clouds above the sweep of the beach. This week’s quote – don’t worry about how things seem! “What we’re beginning to learn is that we are cells in a larger organism. At this […]

Manzanita shrub and Yucca

Manzanita shrub and Yucca, Sedona, Arizona No, I’m not away – this was a few years ago, I just fancied remembering the heat and colour of ‘Red rock Country’. One more quote this week from ‘Spontaneous Evolution’, which I have been enjoying tremendously.  The authors start from a new view of genetics armed with the […]

Vibrant Rowan

After several days of rain, a day of sun and sparkle.  This pair of interleaving Rowan trees caught my attention with their vibrant light. The Rowan has been revered across Europe as a sacred tree since early times.   Its older name, Quicken-Tree, from the Anglo-Saxon cvic (life) indicates ‘Sharing out the blessings of life’. (Fred […]

Daffodil Bud

Daffodil bud opening. It definitely is spring, and there definitely is a rather “fresh” Northerly wind and fresh snow well down the hills… ah well, we had our two days of basking in spring warmth last weekend! This daffodil bud in my garden was opening just as the sun came through at the right angle […]