Insh Island and Mull from Seil Island, Argyll

Sound of Insh

Insh Island and Mull, from Seil, Argyll, listening to ‘the ancient conversation between the chorus of the ocean and the silence of the stone’

Sound of Luing

Rock outcrops and distant Argyll landscape, Sound of Luing, West Coast of Scotland I find it bizarre that, as snow covers the UK, here in my part of the Highlands there is hardly any, just an occasional snowflake – although it has been bitterly cold.  As an alternative to this week’s big freeze, here’s an […]

Insh Island and Mull

The Firth of Lorn, Insh Island with Mull beyond, from Dun Mor, Ellenabeich, Argyll Although winter returned this week, with Strathspey receiving up to 10″ of the white stuff during the week, it came and went so quickly that I’ve chosen to stay with an image from the recent West coast trip.  I love the […]

Atlantic Bridge

View down Seil Sound from Clachan Bridge (the Bridge over the Atlantic), Argyll. I like the graphic effect in this, a mix of sparkly sunshine breaking through mist and light rain, showing the crazy mix of land, sea and lochs that is the west coast of Scotland.  Clachan Bridge is a beautiful steeply arched stone […]

Loch Lomond at sunset

Loch Lomond island at sunset After a day of rain and dark clouds, as it often seems to happen, the evening turned clear with beautiful late sunlight (it is almost midsummer, after all, and here in Scotland it is now light well after 10pm).  I loved the reflections from the woods across the water. “If […]

Loch Lomond

Loch Lomond in high water The shores of loch Lomond, after seemingly weeks of wet weather the water level was high and flooding the shoreline trees.  The sun briefly appearing brought millions of sparkles through the silhouetted trees, and an intriguing silvery shadow of the trees on the water. “Emotions reflect intentions.  Therefore, awareness of […]

Kilmartin Rock Art

Ancient circles, Kilmartin glen, Argyll, Scotland Wheels within wheels… Kilmartin features the most extensive group of prehistoric rock carvings in Scotland.   For previous Kilmartin images, see here. Specialists will continue to argue over the meanings of these carvings, but I thought this was a good image to mark today’s Spring  equinox when day and […]

Rhododendron, Benmore

Rhododendron, Benmore gardens, Argyll. Welcome to May… and fresh snow on the hills! Here’s an image from a chilly, wet, visit to Benmore tree gardens in Argyll.  There’s an amazing variety of Rhododendron in flower just now, bringing such a colourful vibration, despite the rain! “As you breathe, think of life moving in and out […]

Dunadd, Argyll

The Big Moss from Dunadd hill, Kilmartin Glen, Argyll. After the storms early last week, Indian summer has arrived for a few days.  This is from Dunadd Hill, centre of the 7th century Scottish kingdom of Dalriada in Kilmartin Glen, Argyll. Photographically challenging, with the pattern of light and dark on the landscape in constant […]

Giant Redwoods, Argyll

Avenue of giant Redwoods, Benmore Botanic garden, Argyll. A rainy afternoon in Argyll, with mist wreathed around the forests and hills, but beautiful energies from the amazing trees. “We can approach our tasks in life with gnashing teeth or a playful flair.  And the more serious the matter is, the more the lightness of humour […]