Kilmartin Rock Art

Ancient circles, Kilmartin glen, Argyll, Scotland

Wheels within wheels…

Kilmartin features the most extensive group of prehistoric rock carvings in Scotland.   For previous Kilmartin images, see here.

Specialists will continue to argue over the meanings of these carvings, but I thought this was a good image to mark today’s Spring  equinox when day and night are of equal length.

Our earth and solar system has so many different cycles, some of which combine to create long-term climatic patterns, and who knows what other subtle effects.  One of these is the “precession of the equinoxes”  – referring to the slow western shift in the angle of Earth’s axis of rotation with respect to space (see here for an astronomical explanation), a cycle of almost 26,000 years (actually 25,625 years, called ‘The Great Year’).   According to many scholars, the Mayan calendar was designed to  track this great cycle, with the end point of the Great Year ending on the winter solstice, 2012.   Thus, the date of 2012 doesn’t signify the end of the world, rather, the end of an age – and the start of another.

Others have linked the Great Year with the ancient Hindu concept of the ages called the ‘Yugas’, with one Yuga being approximately 1/3rd of the Great Year.  As we transition from one Yuga to another there are supposed to be great shifts in conciousness and in society.  The same is said to happen as we transition around the Great Year, with major shifts forecast over the coming few years as we move from the ‘darker’ half of the cycle into the ‘lighter’ half.  Those of us sensitive to energy have been feeling, with increasing strength, the effect of these incoming waves of change.

I have been learning how important it is at this time that we stay grounded, and learn to live more from our hearts.  A simple practice which I find helpful is to place your awareness at an energy point located under your feet in the earth, about a foot down.  Breathe with your attention at this point for a few moments, and feel your connection with the earth.  This can help you to feel much more ‘in’ your body, much more aware.

I’ll write more about this at a later date.

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